Statement of Purpose

The Arthurian Tradition is based upon the Practices and Elder Knowledge of BTW, ( British Traditional Wicca ), as practiced by those of the Age of Gerald Gardner, combined with the accumulated research of Modern Craft.  The basic premise is one of a Tradition of like trained Solitaires, who having full autonomy, can chose to come together to celebrate, do work or healing as a group, but who can work alone with the full knowledge and understanding of a solid, Foundational Craft education. The Arthurian Tradition has Lineage, and a working communication network to compliment and share ideas and learning between Practitioners.

There are no limitations as to whom may practice. There will never be a restriction based upon gender, sexual orientation, politics, race or age.  Since the beginning we have been a Fam-Trad, with the children of students becoming students as well. Participation in circles must follow the Local and State Laws concerning age, parental consent, etc. 
Students of the Arthurian work with a Mentor/Teacher/Initiate, to seek their own understanding of the Mysteries, and to Master themselves through the study of Magick and other related fields, ( including but not limited to Reiki, Martial Arts, various Zen disciplines, Yoga, Science etc. ). The Path that the Arthurians take all bring us back to the Original Source. There are no secrets in the Arthurians, only Mysteries to be explored.
In The Arthurian Tradition, an individual may work up to their own personal level of willingness and comfort.  We practice Skyclad, as was always the way.  We do not water down nor do we alter the Practice to accommodate the "Politically Correct".  Students may practice as their lives and Familial obligations allow. A Student who has felt the calling to teach may study intensely for a period of time, ( A >>MINIMUM<< of a Year and a Day ), and after fulfilling the necessary requirements, may Teach as an Initiate of the Faith.  Elders are those Initiates who have proven their dedication to the Tradition after several years of teaching and participating in the Craft. Elders come together to vote upon the Laws, changing them as time and advancements in the Craft warrant such decisions. The practices may look rigid, but the teachings are flexible enough to accept new understandings through research, experimentation, and inspirations, as they may apply.
Group circles are non-gender specific as to who shall officiate.  Responsibilities are shared, and Students possess all the necessary information to run any given celebration or working. We are a Tradition of Equals, with no one individual any greater or less than any other.  We are Witches. Some of these Witches may be Wiccan as well. A Practitioner or Student,  may belong to other groups, and participate in other faiths and or spiritual organizations.  Free Will via your mind's ability and potential, is the single greatest tool of an Arthurian Witch.  We seek personal enlightenment, and respect and worship the Divine Duality of Male and Female in the Universe. We seek balance in all things, believing that we are all born neutral, with the ability to do great good or Evil, each being a mirror of the other.  Choice is the key to the next potential. You learn to see that you will always have options, and a choice.
Arthurians take personal responsibility for their actions, and their decisions.  We have no one else to blame, ( No God or Devil ).  We each decide what our lives will be, and what we shall do as individuals.  We seek knowledge and understanding of the nature of Reality, and we teach others how to control the "Laws of Chance and Circumstance" via our own Free Will, for the "Best Possible Outcome"... this being our definition of "Magick" with the "K". The God and Goddess are the Divine filters of the All that is the Universe.  We speak to them, and through them, as Archetypes of and from our collective Unconscious.

We keep the Rede, that " an it Harm None, Do what Ye will".