These are the Entry/Intermediate-level books and movies that we have recommended to all new seekers that we have encountered over the Years.  These books and films are a small sample of the hundreds available, but we have found them to be of benefit and worth to those who may not have decided exactly what Path, ( or who may possibly have chosen multiple paths ), but still need more real information.
These Books can be ordered from Barnes and Noble, B.Dalton's,, Walden Books, etc. (although I think a couple are now out-of-print), or if you travel at all, look for older used bookstores and you may be able to find these at half-price or better! 
Also, if you frequent any type of Library, ( Public, or Scholastic ), you can usually order these books through the inter-library-loan system, it usually takes a few days to get it in once they find one at another location, but the time outweighs the money when books are steadily increasing in cost every, you get them for 30 days, long enough to decide if you really CAN'T live without it.
Read or watch, enjoy, and Have fun...that's the most important part.  Remember, if you are NOT having fun, then you're definitely doing something wrong and probably need to take some time to figure it out. If you ever have any questions that you can't find a good answer for, feel free to write, as we are always open to good discussions and dialogs....and we will answer all sincere questions, with no strings attached.


NOTE: All titles preceded by ** are "must haves" for understanding what we do, those with more than two stars are required reading for our students as well.

**An ABC of Witchcraft

by Doreen Valiente
A classic, good primer from a British perspective of the folkloric and natural roots of
witchcraft, written by one of the grandmothers of Gardnerian and
other mainstream Craft traditions.

Aradia, the Gospel of the Witches
by Charles G. Leland

The first published account of "Book of Shadows" material given to Leland by a Strega
(Italian Witch). Good poetry, good read, easy on the psyche. Reveals past practices and the mindsets from way back when.


****Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft
by Raymond Buckland
This is the Primer we use for all British-American Traditional Witchcraft Training, both Gardnerian and Arthurian, that we practice and Teach as a group.  We use this to begin the process of training the students, and to introduce them to the basic concepts and practices that we use on a daily basis.  Even though Ray is an Elder of Gardnerianism, this book doesn't begin to cover the details or mysteries of BTW.  If you want to start practicing now, there isn't a better tome to begin with.
Casting the Circle, The Women's Book of Ritual
by Diane Stein

Circles, Groves and Sanctuaries
by Pauline Campinelli
An Anthology of different people's perspectives concerning personal practices and traditions. 
**The Dancing Wu Li Masters
by Gary Zukav.... review below by Mike Kisor...
"The Dancing Wu Li Masters "  differs quite a bit from The Holographic Universe,   but there is also a lot of overlap and dovetailing between the two. They overlap in that the "new physics" is leading us toward a profoundly new concept of reality, and both books address this. But make no mistake about it, The Dancing Wu Li Masters   is first and foremost a book about physics for the layman. If you want to learn about Einstein's Relativity Theories, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Bohr's atom, Schrödinger's Cat, or Quantum Mechanics, i can think of no better book to introduce you to the topic than The Dancing Wu Li Masters.   Zukav does more than just present the physics, he fills in some of the context and historical background in which our science developed and does so in an interesting manner. You do not need a scientific nor mathematical background to comprehend this book, only a desire to learn about physics.
Note from Arwythur: The basics of why magick works, the how's, as well as the basics for all religions, can be found in the works of Modern Quantum Physics... no matter what your personal bent towards the ability to re-create reality, via magic or prayer.... everyone should read this tome as well as the other books on Quantum matter which Faith or Path you may personally follow or believe... Arwythur.

**Drawing Down the Moon
by Margot Adler - the revised edition -
Who's who and what's what... a survey of the neo-pagan scene and an
introduction to the people prominent in the circles Margo had access to. A must for
name-droppers, beginners and Elders alike...several traditions recounted are no longer in existence, and she completely ignores several of the mainstream native Northern European Traditions.

Goddess in Every Woman and God in Every Man
both books by Jean Shinoda Bolen.
The Psychology of interacting with the gods. Jean is a Jungian and has a good handle on Archetypes and the interactions with.

Hedge Witch
by Rae Beth
Practice from the point of view of the
solitary Hedge Witch, or natural healer/charm maker.

The Herb Book
by John Lust.
If you only buy one herb book,
this is it. Recipes, treatments, a good survey of background info on most
aspects of herbs by the late renowned expert.

**The Holographic Universe
ISBN# 0-06-092258-3
Mysticism and the New Physics
ISBN# 0-140-19328-6
by Michael Talbot
They explain EVERYTHING and how it simple Terms and Easy, ( YES EASY ) Quantum Physics... everything that the Person seeking enlightenment could ever possibly want to know... explains everything left out of the other sciences, religion, and Philosophy.  This book gave me, ( Arwythur ), the personal Epiphanies that allowed me to go beyond my Environment and Genetics to reach a place where the whole Damn thing made sense... and it will work for you as well, if you can only let go and allow it to happen...My personal first choice along with Buckland's Complete book of Wicca...these two books will allow you to do everything and anything your heart/mind matter WHAT your Path or Denomination... It even works for the Other Mainstream Faiths.
**The Magickal Year
by Diana Ferguson
Thea uses this as one of her resources for the history of the Holidays, and as a guide for writing Holiday rituals. A must have for the working HP or HPS involved with a teaching group. Includes Myths and the foundational elements of the Craft Holidays, and how they were morphed into what we know and celebrate today.
Magical Rites from the Crystal Well
by Ed Fitch
A long-time old-time Elder in the Gardnerian Tradition, and several other traditions, wrote
these rites for his outer court coven. This is the complete volume. Some of
this material was printed by others under the name of "The Book of Pagan
Rituals" in combination with some ceremonial material.

The Master Book of Herbalism
by Paul Beyerl
A magikcal herbal written by an herbalist and wiccan elder, founder of a wiccan seminary.

The Modern Craft Movement
by Charles S. Clifton
Clifton both interviews and writes about contemporary wiccan groups and individuals.

A Modern Herbal (two volume set)
by Mrs. M. A. Grieve
A classic reference for those wanting more depth, especially in gardening and medicinal uses,
also used as a reference for folklore of plants by many later authors.

Modern Rites of Passage
by Charles S. Clifton
This volume in Clifton's series for Llewellyn prints rites of passage used by
contemporary wiccan groups for handfastings, Births, deaths, and other transitions.

by Diane Mariechild
A classic manual of psychic development by a prominent Dianic elder.

Natural Magic
by Doreen Valiente
A little book of essays on how the different aspects of magick work.

**Positive Magic
by Marian Weinstein
Positively the best ever treatment of ethics and dealing with the cosmic lawyers of magick,
written by a Dianic elder who won notoriety as the USA's first wiccan stand up comedienne.

**Practice of MAGIC, An Introductory Guide to the Art
by Draja Mickaharic
The author of **Spiritual Cleansing wrote in this primer his views on the various practices of magic and requirements for success.

The Rebirth of Witchcraft  
by Doreen Valiente
Her perspective on the main craft movements in the USA and Europe.
** Spells and How They Work
by Janet and Stewart Farrar
A good source for understanding the structuring of spells, both simple and complex, with good examples and explanations.
The Spiritual Universe 
by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. 
Explains the Soul, the how's and Why's, from the Scientific perspective.  A little hard to follow at times, it has excellent explanations with illustrations.  This book answers many of the questions asked about the Soul and is valuable to any and all religious denominations.  A must for those seeking Religion, God, and the Soul in Quantum Physics.

** Sprial Dance - the revised edition-
by Starhawk 
A guide and Book of Shadows compiled by Starhawk and her covens during years of practice,
written from the eclectic Dianic perspective.

** Spiritual Cleansing
by Draja Mickaharic
An elder in several types of magickal traditions gathered the best and simplest protection, cleansing, and houscleaning spells and techniques from the various traditions he practices.  Deceptively simple, these techniques have handled everything  from dark atmospheres up to otherworldly intrusions, and been used comfortably by everyone from Wiccan elders to Christians.

Triple Goddess
by Addam McLean

Voices from the Circle
edited by Prudence Jones & Caitlin Matthews
Two leaders of British traditions have gathered a series of essays by
elders of different traditions as they describe and comment on their

Voices of the Goddess
edited by Caitlin Matthews
Another set of essays, by women elders.

The Way of the Goddess
by Ly Warren Clark

Wheel of the Year
by Pauline Campinelli
Festivals and practice.

When God Was a Woman
by Merlin Stone
The hidden history of Goddess worship.  This is the book and author that all the others quote.

**A Witch Alone
by Marion Green
A British elder compiled a cycle of thirteen meditations with exercises for the solitary witch, in a path paralleling the year's training of an initiate.

**The Witches' God
by Janet and Stewart Farrar
Two elders of the "Alexandrian tradition" write on the God aspects and rituals for them.

**The Witches' Goddess
**Eight Sabbats for Witches

**The Witches’ Way
by Janet and Stewart Farrar
Two elders of the "Alexandrian tradition" write on the Goddess aspects and ritual for them.
Janet and Stuart Farrar’s two books that give the rituals for the sabbat celebrations and other important rituals of Alexandrian British Traditional Wicca presented and explained in detail. These two books are presently printed by Phoenix Publishing as

**The Witches’ Bible
ISBN 0919345921
At 550 pages, this is not wicca 101 material.

** What Witches Do
By Janet and Stewart Farrar
A very informative book, with many photographs of several of the elements of BTW, such as the Osiris & The Goddess positions of the HPS upon the Altar.  A Classic that will augment the rest of your BTW library.

The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
by Barbara Walker
Over ten years of research went into this comprehensive encyclopedia of the history and background of the evolution of women's history... everything from how the Biblical leaders tried to surpress Goddess worship in the cultures around them, to events of the Burning times. A course in the rewriting of history, all from thousands of historical sources.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
by Stephen Praige
The remembering and re-evolution of a personality that had been destroyed by shock treatment as it reemerges and tries to come to terms with the personality that replaced it for a time. A good example of unguided shamanic reintegration and it's dangers.




although written as fiction, several of these Authors have taken the elements of their Craft from the real world and blended it with a sense of the surreal.  Sometimes these authors were restricted by the Laws of the Land, so there fore hid their Craft teachings into these stories.  We enjoyed them, hopefully you will also...

The Mists of Avalon
by Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Arthurian cycle as seen through the eyes of the women involved-Ygraine, Morgan le fey, and Guinevere. 
Bradley is a Craft Elder and Ceremonialist, and she incorporates many esoteric traditions into the background of the novel.

The Sea Priestess, Moon Magic, and The Secrets of Dr. Taverner. (3 books)
by Dione Fortune
Dione Fortune broke away from the Golden Dawn to form her own Society of Inner Light because she kept returning to Paganism. The first two novels are in large part autobigraphical accounts of her priestesshood, and  Secrets is a collection of short stories based on the cases handled by her teacher and mentor.  
She also wrote The Winged Bull, The Goatfoot God, and Deamon Lover, besides her many instructional books.

**Johnathan Livingston Seagull
Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

by Richard Bach

**Lammas Night
by Katherine Kurtz
A Science fiction authoress who is also a Craft Elder fictionalizes her research on the craft connections and sacred kingship observances of England. Set in World War two.



Movies....."For a Like Mind"

selection of our favorite Craft-related films, for viewing and discussing.

-a Nuclear Physicist, a Poet, and a Politician who have been thrown togeather by chance discuss the nature of reality, what we are doing to the Earth, and how taking personal responsibility is of vital importance. A very good exposition of atomic physics and ecology.

-A true story of how a Dominican Monk hunting heretics in 13th century France misunderstands the local Wise Woman, and the customs of her village. The main characters must deal with their own past wounds and mistakes in order to deal with each other compassionately. Upbeat ending.

-Beautiful Irish land and sea scapes are the background setting for a heroic girl who searches for her lost brother. Mythology, love
of nature, and Irish music weave a haunting tale of faith and the journey to find the true self - walking between the modern world and the ancient one.

- A documentary exploring cultures of the past who honored Goddesses in their worship of the divine. Good visual images and
well done narration.

-Feminist scholars put togeather this acclaimed documentary about the period of European history when madness filled the air and persecution against women and minorities was carried out in the name of religion.

-Elders from Earth centered cultures try to speak to the rest of us about being out of balance with the Earth and what we can try to do to keep from destroying the Earth and ourselves.

-Two men crushed by modern culture, connected only by fate and synchronicity, help and heal each other by interacting with the
Archetypes embodied in the Arthurian quest for the Holy Grail. Some profanity and a little nudity.

- A sometimes sensationalized survey of well-known people in the Pagan and Earth centered faiths in the early 1980's. Margo
Adler as a narrator, Selena Fox, Z. Budapest, Luisa Tesh, Herman Slater, Anton Lavey, Michael Aquino, Alex Saunders, Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Society of Isis, Austrailian pagans, and one intense sequence of an attempted exorcism of the Deamon of Rebellion by Evangelicals. Spotty but interesting.

- Arwythur's review: (Expanded version)  A policeman investigates the disappearance of a child and discovers an Island culture keeping the old ways of European Paganism. Did the Islanders sacrifice the child? What is the secret of the Maypole? Why must a movie about pagans always be a horror movie? Full female nudity in several scenes and one character dies. (note-get the longer version over 100 minutes. The shorter version of eighty minutes has some great pagan speeches cut out. Not the nudity, but the philosophy got cut!)
Granny Meg's Review:  (the original movie, the Expanded version) (Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward, Elke Sommers)  A policeman investigates the disappearance of a child and discovers an Island culture keeping the old ways of European Paganism. Did the Islanders sacrifice the child? What is the secret of the Maypole? Why must a movie about pagans always be a horror movie? Full female nudity in several scenes and one character dies. (note-get the longer version over  100 minutes. The shorter version of eighty minutes has some great pagan speeches cut out. Not the nudity, but the philosophy got cut!)

- An account of the Salem Witch trials in which one woman was aquited and recompensed for the "inconvenience" of being accused of being a witch.

-A great mythic treatment of the Arthurian tale. Somehow plastic armor, heavy-handed dialogue and choppy scene changes combine to raise the
hair on the back of your head. Idyllic scenes are beautiful, Wasteland and battle scenes are not for the squeamish.

-A new release, this movie of gorgeous scenes from classical art deals with death, grief, loss, and accepting responsibility
for creating your own reality. Be prepared to cry.

- Comedy based on being given a second chance, and a third, and a forth, ..... One character is caught in his own ego untill he decides to reach beyond himself, attaining his desire through love for another.

- Drama of the clash of cultures between Moslem, Nordic Viking and Stone Age gives sympathetic treatment to Heroes and Honor and a glimpse of Pagan attitudes to death and the afterlife.

The MATRIX Trilogy
- As close to the reasonings that Bach wrote of in Illusions, but from a computer standpoint. A must see in order to bring the ideal of a created reality to the minds of those who can only see in two demensions. The possibilities, that we live in a reality that was fabricated, or possibly even just agreed upon.  Good scenes of fighting, sometimes overwhelms the Philosophy.